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Calisthenis Teamwork
calisthenics training without limits(...)
Bodyweight training
Calisthenics bar training(...)
Disability - solved through Calisthenics
The only disability in life is a bad attitude!(...)
Calisthenics Dips
Awesome view of the back muscles (as well as others) while performing a calisthenics dips exercise. Dips are a perfect exercise in calisthenics for developing the upper body muscles.
Nice development for your chests, back muscles and especially you're triceps.(...)
Army Calisthenics
Photo showing a soldier doing chin-ups with an army tire attached to himself, beast mode strong.
A wonderful upper body and conditioning exercise + the extra weight.(...)

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Body weight Routines – loosing weight workouts

body weight workouts

Based upon on how you execute them, body weight workouts can aid you in developing muscle, increase stamina or increase your metabolism as part of a cardio weight-loss training. The high intensity at which you do the workouts decides the outcomes you obtain. To drop weight with body weight routines, perform them with significantly lessRead More

Create a Calisthenics strength training routine

calisthenics strength

Some view calisthenics as being constrained to cardio-intensive workouts for example jumping jacks & jogging. Even so, by making use of your own bodyweight, you will get basically as much of a strength-based training as you would get making use of all the elegant equipment that you would uncover at a fitness center. Calisthenics deliver anRead More

What is Calisthenics Training ?


Calisthenics training consists of particular workouts carried out using only the individuals own body weight. Calisthenics exercising can be done as a stand-alone plan, or designed into any weight loss, bodybuilding or fitness exercise routine. It has many positive aspects & is practical, & it can be customized to suit starter, advanced or superior trainees.Read More

Were hitting it off!


Hello to our future readers & members, we have added some content on our website as well as our blog. Over the next month huge amounts of accurate information will be provided on the subject of calisthenics & bodyweight training so please visit us on a regular basis to get the knowledge. This article willRead More

Effective bodyweight muscle building


Bodyweight training is extremely successful at building muscle, some might even claim that it is superior than free weights. Bodyweight workouts do not whip up the joints as much as conventional weight exercising does. They permit for an additional all-natural range of motion & enhance your general athleticism fairly successfully. Innovative bodyweight training calls forRead More