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Calisthenics push-up exercise - core strength training

A common exercise in Calisthenics is the push-up which is performed in a prone position by lowering and raising your body with the help of your arms. Also known as a press-up (or floor dip) it is considered a basic bodyweight Calisthenics exercise that is at the very core of Calisthenics strength training. A push-up is excellent for strength training and should be included in any workout program or routine.

Strength training couldn't get any easier than this. The push-up is the perfect bodyweight exercise you can do in calisthenics to enhance your strength & stamina.

How to do a push-up correctly

Find a flat non-slip surface & place your palms slightly wider than your shoulders. Now that you're palms are slightly wider than your shoulders your feet should be straight, then you should lift up on your toes & achieve balance. As it is a calisthenics exercise your body needs to be straight from head to toe so pay attention to this as it is essential at avoiding injury & obtaining proper form. Proper form means no arching your back, executing the calisthenics exercise correctly & more importantly safely.

To feel more comfortable experiment with either holding your feet closer together or a bit wider - this is up to you as it is purely a matter of comfort that differs from individual to individual. To achieve strength training & a nice core training exercise while executing a proper form push-up be sure to contract your ab muscles - this is achieved by tightening your core muscles & pulling the belly to-wards your spine by contracting your core.

An essential component to an excellent core training exercise in calisthenics is keeping your core contracted throughout the entire push-up. This means while your body goes up & down with the help of your arms, supported by your legs, your core must be contracted & tightened always.

While performing the calisthenics exercise known as a push-up & ensuring a good core training exercise by tightening your core ab muscles keep in mind to inhale at the point of execution when you are bending your elbows & lowering your body to the floor. After achieving this make sure to exhale as you begin slowly reverting to your start position, this means going from down to up with your body using the strength in your arms. A good tip for avoiding injury or discomfort while executing a good form push-up is keeping your elbow slightly bent, try not to lock them out.

Achieved this? Then congratulations! You successfully executed a perfect form calisthenics exercise known as a push-up.

What muscles are being targeted when doing a push-up

The great thing about a push-up is that a whole bunch of muscles are being stimulated. Depending on the position you hold your hands the push-up can target different muscles at a time. Awesome, isn't it? Well get to that real soon, first lets just see a list of muscles being targeted while doing a push-up.

1. Abdominal Muscle

2. Deltoid Muscle

3. Pectoralis Muscle

4. Triceps brachii Muscle

5. Serratus Anterior Muscle

6. Coracobrachialis Muscle

OK so we just covered what muscles are involved in a push-up. Aside the obvious scientific names for most of them you can clearly see that your whole upper body muscles are involved while executing a calisthenics exercise called a push-up. This means shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest muscles, abs as well as the trapeze or some of the back muscles. That's the perfect thing about the push-up, it works your whole upper body muscles in ONE exercise allowing for great strength training & is an awesome core training exercise. The push-up should be a must for any workout program or at home workouts if your goal is strength training.

I've said earlier well go even further a bit on & find out which hand form targets which muscles while performing a push-up. Without getting in too many words let's just see a picture that paints a pretty clear image.

What's next?

Well, that's simple. Assuming you already have a calisthenics routine in mind stick to it & do as many reps as intended. Be aware of things like good form, slow progression for optimum results & most importantly stretching before as well as after any exercise. Good luck!